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Back to Gitche Gumee

Lake Superior holds a certain fascination for me. Maybe because it seemed so far away to this girl who grew up a few hours from Lake Erie and has lived near Lake Michigan. Superior’s size and legends give it a … Continue reading

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The Jetsons Arrive in Dubai

Lucky Judy Jetson. I grew up envying her life, how she could jump into a flying car and whisk away wherever she was going. I dreamed of the day when I could fly to school in an air taxi instead … Continue reading

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Can You Make a Cake Over a Barbecue?

I’m always up for an adventure, especially if it involves food. While idly surfing YouTube (I know, I should be writing. Or editing. Or something), this video grabbed my attention. How can you possible make a cake over a barbecue? … Continue reading

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How to Write and Publish a Book Review

“If you like the book, would you consider writing a review? That’s a standard question I ask when I do book signings. While most people are at least open to the idea, a surprising number make a face like I … Continue reading

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The Worst Mistake a Novelist Can Make

I’ve read all kinds of books and blog posts that tell me how to be a better writer. Show, don’t tell. Cut out adverbs. Don’t give too much backstory. But give enough so the reader isn’t confused. The list goes … Continue reading

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How to Define Your Ideal Reader When You’re Just Getting Started

Nearly every article I read about marketing books starts with the same idea: identify your ideal reader. Which makes sense. If we have a picture in our minds of who our ideal reader is, we can tailor our books, our … Continue reading

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Seven Best Blogging Tools for Writers

(Some of the links in this post are affiliate links. This means if you click on a link and buy a product, I get a small commission. There is no change to the price you are charged.) Let’s face it, … Continue reading

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Anne With an E: Right Story, Wrong Theme

  Netflix recently premiered a remake of one of my long-time favorites with its version of Anne of Green Gables, titled Anne with an E. At first I was mesmerized. Some of the casting was brilliant, especially Marilla, Matthew and … Continue reading

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Summer Reading for Fun and More

No matter how busy I am, I manage to fit in time to read. Whether it’s two minutes while I wait for my tea to heat up, or an entire afternoon on the deck with a thrilling novel, I make … Continue reading

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In the Valley

Just a short piece of fiction for your reading pleasure… Eric rolled down his window to spit his gum out and nearly ran over a rattlesnake. He swerved to miss the slithering reptile, clenching the wheel to avoid running off … Continue reading

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